Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology, 13e, Elsevier 2016

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Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology, 13e

The 13th edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title’s long tradition as the world’s foremost medical physiology textbook. Unlike other textbooks on this topic, this clear and comprehensive guide has a consistent, single-author voice and focuses on the content most relevant to clinical and pre-clinical students. The detailed but lucid text is complemented by didactic illustrations that summarize key concepts in physiology and pathophysiology.

  • Larger font size emphasizes core information around how the body must maintain homeostasis in order to remain healthy, while supporting information and examples are detailed in smaller font and highlighted in pale blue.
  • Summary figures and tables help quickly convey key processes covered in the text.
  • Bold full-color drawings and diagrams.
  • Short, easy-to-read, masterfully edited chapters and a user-friendly full-color design.
  • Brand-new quick-reference chart of normal lab values on the inside back cover.
  • Increased number of figures, clinical correlations, and cellular and molecular mechanisms important for clinical medicine.
  • Student Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience includes the complete text, interactive figures, references, plus 50 self-assessment questions and more than a dozen animations.

Language: English
Authors: John E. Hall
Shipping Weight: 3 kg
Price : 180 ribu
Kode: K1665

Drugs for the Heart 8e, Elsevier 2013

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Drugs for the Heart 8e biru tua

Drugs for the Heart presents highly portable, up-to-date information on every drug class used to treat cardiovascular disease. Drs. Lionel H. Opie and Bernard J. Gersh put the latest dosages, interactions, indications and contraindications, side effects, and more at your fingertips, equipping you to make effective clinical decisions on behalf of your patients

  • Quickly check when to use each drug for any condition with the popular “Which Drug for Which Disease” chapter.
  • Get expert advice from the practice-proven experience of two well-known editors who represent the best possible combination of clinical and research expertise in cardiovascular therapeutics.
  • Expedite your reference with summaries of each drug class at the end of chapters.
  • Carry it with you anywhere thanks to a highly compact, pocket-sized format.
  • Navigate the latest pharmacologic advances through coverage of the newest drugs and drug classes, as well as all the latest clinical trial results and evidence used to treat heart disease.
  • Effectively manage comorbid diseases.
  • Apply international insights into cardiac drugs, thanks to new global contributors.
  • Visualize key pharmacologic and physiologic actions thanks to dynamic new full-color drawings.
  • Access the complete contents online at Expert Consult, with regular online updates posted by leading cardiologist, Dr. Opie.

Your purchase entitles you to access the web site until the next edition is published, or until the current edition is no longer offered for sale by Elsevier, whichever occurs first. If the next edition is published less than one year after your purchase, you will be entitled to online access for one year from your date of purchase. Elsevier reserves the right to offer a suitable replacement product (such as a downloadable or CD-ROM-based electronic version) should access to the web site be discontinued.

Language: English
Authors: Lionel H. Oppie
Shipping Weight: 2 kg
Price : 115 ribu
Kode: K1664

Oh’s Intensive Care Manual 7e, Elsevier 2014

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Oh's Intensive Care Manual

Whether you’re a newcomer to the ICU or a seasoned practitioner, Oh’s Intensive Care Manual delivers the practical, expert answers you need to manage the conditions you see every day in the intensive care unit. This highly esteemed, bestselling medical reference book presents comprehensive detail on each topic, while maintaining a succinct, accessible style so this information can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily practice.

“Overall this is an accessible, well-written and well-designed resource: a clearly designed and sensibly organised contents page makes the book straightforward to navigate.” Reviewed by: British Journal of Anaesthesia   Date: Jan 2015

  • Access everything you need to know about disease processes and their management during the course of ICU rotations.
  • Gain valuable insight into the consensus of practice and standard of ICU care as followed in the UK, Europe, India, and Australia.
  • Take advantage of expert advice on practical issues that will be encountered on a day-to-day basis in the ICU, as well as common pitfalls in treatment and management emphasized in each chapter.

  • Overcome the latest challenges in intensive care medicine. Ten brand-new chapters in this edition include: Palliative Care; ICU and the Elderly; Health Care Team in Intensive Care Medicine; Preparing for Examinations in Intensive Care Medicine; Ultrasound in the ICU; ECMO for Respiratory Failure; ECMO for Cardiac Failure; Cirrhosis and Acute-on-Chronic Liver Disease; Solid Tumours and their Implications in the ICU; and Delirium.
  • Optimize patient outcomes through an even greater focus on clinical management strategies.
  • Quickly locate essential information with an increased number of summary boxes, tables, and charts, and a new chapter organization that expedites reference.
  • Effortlessly search the entire text online at Expert Consult.

Language: English
Authors: Andrew D. Bersten
Shipping Weight: 4 kg
Price : 240 ribu
Kode: K1668

Wintrobe’s Clinical Hematology, 13e, Lippincot 2014

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Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology 13e

With the 13th edition of Wintrobe’s Clinical Hematology, this new edition once again bridges the gap between the clinical practice of hematology and the basic foundations of science.

Broken down into eight parts, this book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of: Laboratory Hematology, The Normal Hematologic System, Transfusion Medicine, Disorders of  Red Cells, Hemostasis and Coagulation; Benign Disorders of Leukocytes, The Spleen and/or Immunoglobulins; Hematologic Malignancies, and Transplantation. Within these sections, there is a heavy focus on the morphological exam of the peripheral blood smear, bone marrow, lymph nodes, and other tissues.

With the knowledge about gene therapy and immunotherapy expanding, the book includes new, up-to-date information about the process and application of these therapies. Likewise, the editors have  shed a completely new light on the process of stem cell transplantation in regards to both malignant and benign disorders, graft versus host disease, and the importance of long-term follow-up of transplantation survivors.

The textbook features an online, interactive companion that has a reference list for each chapter as well as two appendices one reviewing the clusters of differentiation (CD) molecules and one that reviews lab values and photomicrographs of the blood of animals.

Along with these tools, the authors plan to post updates online when they are particularly pertinent or important.

Greater emphasis on molecular genetics and flow cytometry
Increased number of hematopathology illustrations
Expanded coverage of Transplantation
Online companion with reference features and relevant updates

Language: English
Authors: John P. Greer
Shipping Weight: 5 kg
Price : 390 ribu
Kode: K1699

Textbook of Orthopaedics 4e, 2010

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textbook of orthopaedics 4e john ebnezar

Language: English
Authors: John Ebnezar
Shipping Weight: 3 kg
Price : 160 ribu
Kode: K1698

Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography, 5e, 2013

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Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography, 5e

Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography, 5th Edition enables you to use echocardiography to its fullest potential in your initial diagnosis, decision making, and clinical management of patients with a wide range of heart diseases. World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Catherine M. Otto helps you master what you need to know to obtain the detailed anatomic and physiologic information that can be gained from the full range of echo techniques, from basic to advanced.

  • Get straightforward explanations of ultrasound physics, image acquisition, and major techniques and disease categories – all with a practical, problem-based approach.
  • Make the most of this versatile, low-cost, low-risk procedure with expert guidance from one of the foremost teachers and writers in the field of echocardiography.
  • Know what alternative diagnostic approaches to initiate when echocardiography does not provide a definitive answer.
  • Access the entire text online at, as well as echo video recordings that correspond to the still images throughout the book.
  • Acquire a solid foundation in the essentials of advanced echocardiography techniques such as contrast echo, 3D echo, myocardial mechanics, and intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography.
  • Fully understand the use of echocardiography and its outcomes with key points that identify the must-know elements in every chapter, and state-of-the-art echo images complemented by full-color comparative drawings of heart structures.
  • Familiarize yourself with new ASE recommendations for echocardiographic assessment of the right heart and 3D echocardiography, including updated tables of normal measurements.

Language: English
Authors: Catherine M. Otto
Shipping Weight: 2 kg
Price : 110 ribu
Kode: K1697

Srb’s Surgical Operations, 2014

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Srb's Surgical Operations

This book is a comprehensive guide to general surgery. Beginning with an introduction to patient preparation, the operating room and postoperative care, the following chapters discuss basic principles of incision and suturing, instruments and outpatient surgery. Highly illustrated, with more than 2600 operative photographs and diagrams with detailed descriptions, the book covers surgical procedures for disorders in all different parts of the body, including the face, mouth, nervous system, stomach, intestines and much more. Newer techniques such as laparoscopy, robotic surgeries and liposuction are also discussed in depth. Key points * Comprehensive guide to general surgery * Covers numerous procedures for disorders throughout the body * Includes newer techniques such as laparoscopy, robotic surgeries and liposuction * Highly illustrated with more than 2600 operative photographs and diagrams

Language: English
Authors: Sriram Bhat
Shipping Weight: 3 kg
Price : 215 ribu
Kode: K1696

Oxford Specialist Handbook in Surgery: Operative Surgery, 2006

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Oxford specialist handbook in surgery Operative Surgery

This completely revised handbook provides concise and clear information on how to perform operations in the main surgical specialties. It provides an overview of modern operative surgical practice and gives indications for surgery providing details of operative techniques to supplement hands-on experience. It will enable the inexperienced surgeon to prepare adequately for observing, assisting at and ultimately performing a wide variety of surgical operations. It is up to date and reflects current operative surgery. It complements the highly successful Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery.

Language: English
Authors: Greg L. McLatchie
Shipping Weight: 2 kg
Price : 155 ribu
Kode: K1695

Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology, 3e, 2011

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Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology 3e

Extensively revised and fully updated, this new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology provides everything you need to understand the wide range of rheumatic conditions. Including the latest guidelines and the most up-to-date information, this is the indispensible guide for students, trainees, consultant rheumatologists, and everyone dealing with patients with musculoskeletal disease.

Rheumatic conditions are common in both general and hospital practice; a primary feature of many multi-system illnesses, and in the context of injury, age-related change, and psychological distress. This handbook provides practical advice, guidance, and key clinical facts to help you provide the best care for your patients. Practically structured, the handbook focuses first on presenting symptoms, and then considers key diseases, emergencies, and rare diseases in more detail, finishing with a comprehensive account of assessment, guidelines, and treatment options including the latest advances in biological therapy. It provides practical guidelines on the management and diagnosis of patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal disease. Colour plates and line drawings are present throughout along with tables of key information.

Taking a clinical, evidence-based approach, written by experts, and presented in a clear, practical, bullet-point style for rapid reference, this handbook will be your constant companion and a joy to use.

Language: English
Authors: Alan Hakim
Shipping Weight: 2 kg
Price : 130 ribu
Kode: K1694

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine, 2e, 2009

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Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine

The Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine provides a fast, reliable look-up reference on all chest diseases. The second edition of this comprehensive Handbook has been revised throughout, with additional material on avian flu and respiratory medicine in pregnancy, and updated references to the latest British Thoracic Society guidelines.

The Handbook’s opening chapters aid diagnosis by addressing the main respiratory symptoms encountered by clinicians. Subsequent chapters discuss each respiratory disease in more depth, with practical tips for the out-patient clinic or ward setting. The Handbook also includes a unique section on practical skills and procedures, providing essential technical and reference information. Useful pages on lung and bronchial anatomy, CT anatomy and scans, lung function and blood-gas nomograms, and a list of useful websites are included for easy reference.
Like all the Oxford Handbooks, the Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine, 2/e combines authority, relevance and reliability. It is the must-have guide for all clinicians dealing with respiratory medicine.

Language: English
Authors: Stephen Chapman
Shipping Weight: 2 kg
Price : 155 ribu
Kode: K1693

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